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I just need some time in a beautiful place to clean my head

he just want a meal from Wooyoung~

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- 140817 Discovery of Romance Episode 1 l Sweet moment part 2

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i can feel the loooooveeeee~

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[  ] 女性自身 K☆STAR LOVERS Interview - Part 2, 20140811

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✱ Park Kyung the underwear exchanger

favorite jonghyun quotes 

140726 Sungjae’s Twitter Updates



[TRANS] I looked sadㅜㅜ…

그래도 웃을게 웃는게 이쁘니까^^

[TRANS] But still, I’ll smile, because smiling is pretty^^

난 이쁜이니깐

[TRANS] Because I’m pretty

너희가 웃는게 좋아

[TRANS] I like the fact that you guys smiled(laughed)

Translated by Tina @ fyeahbtob

realgot7 s2 premiere

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pretend that it’s 2016 and Bambam and Gyeomie are legal lol

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